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Graceful Waves Wellness Center: Your Health Stop, Even on a Journey

doctor adjusting practice memberWe understand your travels might take you through our neck of the woods, which is why we are more than ready to be your health pit stop, even if you’re “just passing through.” We have modified our routines to provide optimal care for our short-term visitors without compromising quality.

Our Drop-In Service

Our special “drop-in” arrangement allows us to accommodate you without an extensive history or examination. Although we strive to understand each practice member’s health history, we recognize that this might not be feasible for our visitors. Instead, we focus on providing immediate care to enhance your overall wellness.

Open Adjusting: Sharing the Healing Experience

One unique aspect of our practice is the “open adjusting” or “group” room. Up to four individuals may receive spinal care simultaneously. (Most people ultimately enjoy this format—even if initially surprised or reluctant to have a shared experience.) However, if you need a private session, make a reservation for our 30-minute “special consult” appointment.

Affordable Care, Priceless Results

We aim to make our services as affordable as possible, buying into the philosophy that good health need not come at a high cost. We do not bill personal health insurance, keeping our fees relatively low. Our fee for an adjustment is noted in the scheduler for “Spinal Entrainment.”

Exceptional NetworkSpinal Care

Having had years of experience and commitment to her craft, Dr. Dawn offers some of the very best NetworkSpinal care available in the world. Whether you’ve experienced this gentle and innovative approach before or are new to it, expect a higher degree of ease within your body and an enhanced connection to your health.

Even though we cannot promise immediate relief from any pain or discomfort, we pledge to give our utmost in every care session to optimize your spine and nervous system.

Book Your Appointment Today

If our approach resonates with you, feel free to book a “spinal entrainment” session or a “Special Consult – 30 minutes” for a private session. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete some short forms before your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!


Graceful Waves Wellness Center: Your Health Stop, Even on a Journey | (503) 368-9355