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The Graceful Waves Wellness Center Story

A Warm Welcome from Dr. Dawn

Dr. Dawn, our Founder and Director, invites you to delve into the heart of Graceful Waves Wellness Center. Discover our story, vision, and the services we offer.

Unveiling Our Story

There’s more to us than meets the eye. So, steep a cup of tea and settle in for a short documentary chronicling the center’s creation. Meet the dreamers who envisioned it, the guiding spirit, and the community who made it a reality.

Celebrate with Us!

Rewind to our grand opening celebration! Meet Dr. Dawn, the architect she collaborated with, and bask in the gratitude as she expresses her heartfelt thanks. Dr. Dawn honors every donor who bridged the construction gap, a generosity that continues through scholarships for hundreds of spinal care “entrainments” in our community. Meet the artist who created “All of You is Welcome Here,” gracing the gallery doors overlooking the stunning natural landscape. Our documentary, “Building Something Extraordinary,” narrated by Dr. Dawn herself, is included for your viewing pleasure.

The Graceful Waves Wellness Center Story | (503) 368-9355