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NetworkSpinal Care Demonstration at Graceful Waves Wellness Center

As an evidence-based approach to wellness and body awareness, NetworkSpinal care employs a gentle, precise touch on the spine and prompts the brain to create new wellness-promoting strategies.

For a more in-depth look at a demonstration of NetworkSpinal care, here is a 2020 version of the work filmed by Dr. Dawn. This video is from an excerpt from our online Trigger Point Release Class. The portion shown in the video focussed on demonstrating how a gentle touch—applied very specifically using NetworkSpinal—can make a profound difference in our body’s ability to heal, gain function, and self-organize toward greater wholeness. It’s a great starting point to understand what the adjustment looks like, what we’re assessing, helping to develop, and why we’re doing it!

For a more historical perspective, the videos below are our 2012 versions of NetworkSpinal, as it looked a decade ago filmed in our old office location: These are examples of Dr. Dawn demonstrating the care as it looked in 2012. While the work continues to evolve and become more advanced with greater ease, the positions and contacts in these videos are a good representation of what the work looks like.

The final video shows a demonstration of NSA on a 2-week-old baby! Dr. Brian T. Lumb, DC, who was on staff with EpiEnergetics for many years, demonstrates to a group of NSA doctors how important it is for newborn babies to receive spinal entrainments as soon after birth as possible and how their systems can be optimized early on from this advanced work!

In fact, Dr. Dawn has provided care to newborns in neonatal ICU centers suffering with complications from birth (premature, meconium in lungs, etc.) and has witnessed extraordinary responses to the care and rapid recovery as a result!

Receiving this quality of care early in life can set us on a new trajectory for what is possible in our lineage and future. It’s one of the best gifts we can ever receive or give!

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