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New Practice Members at Graceful Waves Wellness Center

Welcome to our practice! We’re so happy you decided to experience healing your body with our method of care. Sit down and relax in our comfortable space, we won’t keep you waiting for long.

After booking your visit, you should receive a link to our history form with your confirmation to complete. If you are unable to print out the form, please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to complete. We will be taking a starting baseline picture of your posture and spinal curvature on the initial visit. Clothing which is comfortable yet allows for viewing your current body and spinal contours is ideal.

The Initial Visit

Our onboarding process consists of two visits. On the first visit, you’ll receive a consultation and history, exam, and testing, including range of motion, posture scan, core nervous system tension, muscular strength/stability, and spinal and ligamentous flexibility. This visit will help inform Dr. Dawn more about you, your current baseline spinal and nervous system function, and will help her assess the best course of action to take to gain the results you are looking for.

This visit will run about an hour, and we typically want to schedule the second one in the same week, if possible.

The Report of Findings

At Graceful Waves Wellness Center, we do our report of findings a little differently. First off, if begins with a 20-30 minute class for you and up to 3 other new clients plus any family members brought to the results review. You will receive a packet with your own results, and Dr. Dawn will teach you how to interpret your results in the class.

Once that’s done, she will meet with you (and each person) individually to answer any additional questions or concerns in private, check your spine, and note your response to care. She will then walk you over to meet with her clinical assistant, who will explain her recommendations. Depending on how many people are in this session, it may run as long as 90 minutes. Subsequent visits average about 30 minutes.

Financial Responsibility

our team smilingOur practice is cash based, and payment is requested at time of service. Our prices are comparable for the level of specialty received. The initial consultation is $298 and includes the initial exam, report of findings, your first spinal care session, and your first SRI™ or 12 stages of healing session. Dr. Dawn normally offers at least one or more free spinal care classes each month covering a variety of topics. Anyone who attends one of these classes receives an opportunity to schedule an exam with a $100 discount. The same discount applies if they attend other special events in the community.

While we do not participate with insurance, we accept all major credit cards and HSA plans. Discounts are available for military, over 65, anyone with Medicare, disability, and also a spouse and family package. Speak with one of our friendly staff members for more information.

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