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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic helps optimize the structure and function of our body, our spine, and our nervous system. It helps not only remove interference or tension in the spinal cord, but also teaches the brain and body to self regulate, self correct, and self adjust by becoming more resilient.

Learning these strategies allows the body to be more responsive, able to live and flourish through periods of change and stress, and use stress as fuel for personal growth. We help align the essence of a human being with their physical body, so their body is coherent with who they really are.


NetworkSpinal is a gentle, low-force approach to spinal care based on using the body’s own natural healing abilities. By releasing tension in the spine and nervous system, healing can be activated. This is achieved through a series of gentle and precise adjustments to the spine, designed to promote the release of tension and help build a greater awareness of self.

It teaches practice members how to connect with their own natural healing energy, helping the body-mind connection release blockages caused by stressors. It helps what you already have to work better.

What to Expect

If a practice member needs corrective care, Dr. Dawn will explain what’s going on and develop a plan to help them meet their goals for optimizing their spine. This may involve numerous sessions to start, as she helps your nervous system and brain link to any disconnected parts, and reintegrates your energy and information to bring ease, breath, and connection into the body and mind.

Using very gentle contact, Dr. Dawn accesses points on the spine to help the brain connect more effectively with the spine and body. She stimulates ease within the body, and the more peace and ease moves throughout the body, the more your brain and body can work together. This helps unlock the source of your problems and allows release to occur.

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Dr. Dawn is trained in many other Chiropractic Techniques, including SOT and Toggle Recoil, and draws upon her foundations in these techniques when appropriate. NetworkSpinal is, however, the primary specialty in our office.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI™)

A key part of the process is Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), which we teach each practice member to do with their own hands. It’s a means to access the innate wisdom currently withheld from your body/mind due to stored stress and tension.

The purpose of SRI is to help you heal more effectively through connection with yourself, to allow the natural healing ability of your body to move toward wisdom and balance. Using your hands, focused breath, and directed movement, you learn how to use this tool for personal healing and empowerment.

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