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2016 Contributions, and 2017 Giving Plans! Join us @ Spring Bazaar this Fri & Saturday!

Today is “National Be Heard Day,” which celebrates small businesses, their unique contributions, approaches, visions and missions! We’re not often ones to “toot our own horn,” but in the spirit of gratitude, we wanted to give a year-end report to some pledges we made last year, as well as share with the community our new planned […]

Stretch your money, your Contribution Power, and RECEIVE a valuable year-end GIFT!

  At this time of year, and especially considering all the ‘fires’ and turmoil our country and world seem to be facing…we thought we’d do something to help contribute.  SO…..our focus this month is WATER. Our bodies are made of more than 90% of it.  We cannot survive (let alone THRIVE) without it.   So […]

Time to get RAW & REAL…and DISCOVER TOGETHER! (Tue Nov 14th, 3:30-5pm)

Dear Friends, We are ALL in interesting times right now.  Regardless of who we voted for & why (or if we didn’t), we’re all in a critical – and potentially volatile – point in history… Emotions have become escalated. In the past week, there has been a rash spike in hate crimes, threats, and harassment against marginalized and vulnerable people […]