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HELP us better serve!!! March 28 – April 4th – takes only 30 seconds!!!

Please help us better serve others! We’ve applied to the FedEx Grant contest to help raise the money to complete our building! We must raise at least another 100K – and winning this would help immensely!  But we can’t do it alone – we need YOUR VOTES to get us into the top 700 position, […]

Stretch your money, your Contribution Power, and RECEIVE a valuable year-end GIFT!

  At this time of year, and especially considering all the ‘fires’ and turmoil our country and world seem to be facing…we thought we’d do something to help contribute.  SO…..our focus this month is WATER. Our bodies are made of more than 90% of it.  We cannot survive (let alone THRIVE) without it.   So […]