Dr. Dawn is among the world’s most seasoned and skilled practitioners of Network Spinal Care. She’s been licensed since 2004 and holds the highest level of certification possible in the work. She has presented and taught at various public events, conventions, and schools on the topics of NSA/SRI Care, Re-Organizational Healing, and Personal Transformation through body awareness. She is committed to increasing her high level of expertise even further through ongoing continuing education, combined with a practice of personal and professional mastery.

Dawn began her formal Chiropractic education in 2000. Her personal journey with healing and Chiropractic began a decade prior when she had a skiing accident and subsequent years with chronic low back pain. That pain catalyzed a journey which led her to Chiropractic school, and then ultimately to Network Spinal Care. Receiving Network Spinal Care was an immense and life-changing blessing – helping her transform not only her relationship with pain, but with her body and way of listening to and integrating its messages and wisdom. More than 2 decades later, Network care still supports and sustains her physical/emotional/mental wellbeing and ability to adapt to stress. It aligns with and unveils the essence of her soul’s nature like no other healing modality she’s experienced.

Dawn also had the privilege of studying with other healing arts and spiritual teachers, learning a variety of supplemental practices which support vitality and wholeness. Her studies resulted in her own practice and teachings being informed from both a very diverse as well as highly specialized place. Her ability to help others find greater connection both beyond and within themselves has guided thousands in making significant & lasting changes in their lives.

Among her current passions is a deep desire to contribute to the liberation of humanity, moving from a mass consciousness of “ownership by force” toward a way of living where conscious sharing and honoring of resources becomes the baseline. She recognizes this level of involvement requires innovation, integration, cooperation and genuine care. She is personally dedicated to contributing to this vision through the influence of greater energy optimization and coherence within the nervous system, thereby liberating the bound energy required to sustain such a shift toward a more loving, vital humanity!

Currently, this passion is primarily nourished through her role as Chiropractor and Network Spinal Practitioner at Graceful Waves, along with her responsibility as the Center’s Director. She helps cultivate and nourish its relationships, promoting practices and services by practitioners with a similar vision for a brighter future and humanity. She finds joy and fulfillment teaching seminars and classes; more courses are on the horizon, as is a book or three in her future!

When not directly involved in the healing and embodied transformative arts, she delights in time spent with her beloved intimate partner, hiking mountains and trails together in nature, listening to and playing music together. Dawn actually majored in music before going to Chiropractic School (flute performance – here’s the link to her album), so opportunities to play with others strike a fun and soulful chord with her! She also enjoys watching their rescue Snowshoe Siamese cat named Tom dash after the laser toy in the house, listen to the sounds of laughter from her precocious son and beloved partner doing their ‘guy thing’ that is often foreign to her feminine ways…often laughing to tears from their shenanigans and goofiness! She finds deep reverence and appreciation for the moments and spaces in-between…gazing into the mountains, upon a pair of ducks swimming along the riverbank, or the playful otter cavorting in the bay below the center. Often, it’s the simple things that matter most. Connections and intimacy, people, friendships, laughter, the beauty of nature…and the coherence to fully appreciate it all!