Singing Bowl Meditation

Mary Pearson  from Sound Wellness of Portland will be offering seasonal sound meditation series.  As you embark on your meditation with Mary, you will be invited to set an intention for your session.

Seasonal Sound Meditation Series

This series of sound meditations focus on the gifts of each season.  Consciously aligning to nature can assist us through the natural cycles of life; death, hibernation/contemplation, rebirth and bounty.  Please join us for this series that will take you on a reflective, healing journey throughout the next four seasons:

Fall Sound Meditation- What in your life needs to fall away? This meditation will focus on releasing that which no longer serves you.  


Winter Sound Meditation – Winter is a time of contemplation and self-reflection.  What will emerge for you in the silent contemplation of winter?

Spring Sound Meditation – After the long quiet winter, spring is the time to plant the seeds of your dreams.  What do you want to create in your life?

Summer Sound Meditation – Summer is a time to celebrate your bounty! The seeds that you planted in spring have taken root and are now producing the fruits of your intentions.  This is a time to celebrate what you have created in the past year!

The sounds of the bowls are designed to deeply relax and open the Chakras, which the bowls are in harmonic resonance with.  The session is both tactile AND auditory:  bowls will be placed around and even on your body to both feel and hear the acoustic vibrations they produce.  The meditation concludes with a grounding exercise to support walking out the door and into the world feeling more relaxed, healthy, and uplifted!

Please bring:  Yoga mat or can be provided from Graceful Waves, Water, Blanket, Pillow, Something to cover your eyes (optional, but highly recommended), Something intentional to place on the altar (optional)