Singing Bowl Meditation

Julie’s meditations include an introduction to the history, traditions, and making of the Himalayan Singing Bowls.  As you embark on your meditation with Julie, you will be invited to set an intention for your session.  The sounds of the bowls are designed to deeply relax and open the Chakras, which the bowls are in harmonic resonance with.  The session is both tactile AND auditory:  bowls will be placed around and even on your body to both feel and hear the acoustic vibrations they produce.  The meditation concludes with a grounding exercise to support walking out the door and into the world feeling more relaxed, healthy, and uplifted!

Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, and/or yoga mat to optimize your relaxation on our heated floor!  (We will also have yoga mats available for most participants.)  




What should I expect if attending Singing Bowl Meditation or a Private Session with Julie?