One of Dr. Dawn’s passions is serving those who serve and influence others.

There is a limitless sea of unbound available energy, and we know how to tap into that field, liberating the bound through the unbound!  For those who prefer to receive and touch the EXTRAORDINARY to optimize life at a high-level of performance while having access to complete anonymity during their sessions, we offer limited but exclusive private access.  Please contact us to make arrangements.

Nearby Manzanita (among other local towns like Canon Beach and Falcon Cove) are beautiful destination spots to stay while receiving a session or series of sessions and/or intensive private coaching and care with Dawn.

As part of the privilege of receiving this private access, we ask our high-profile clients to consider a generous sponsorship toward the expansion of “Project Liberation.”  Your contribution beyond our base fee can make an enormously positive impact on the lives of MANY people!  (We would also be happy to recognize you as a sponsor – either publicly on the website and/or privately to the actual people who are benefitting through the program.)

When we are blessed to have access to free available energy, and we respond by sharing that with others, we are ALL Liberated.  Our business seeks to serve you while also catalyzing that liberation!