In the Spring of 2020, Graceful Waves collaborated with local community member Robert “Bob” Brook to bring a 10-part guided meditation series for embodied awareness to the community, and all those within reach of the metaverse.

The Series Theme is: Finding Peace in the midst of Uncertainty, and was filmed and recorded during the first year of the covid-19 pandemic. In the series, we offered and practiced basic exercises to create a solid foundation for awareness, starting with deep relaxation and sensing the body. These exercises help quiet the mind by putting it to a task. Immediate results are a quieting and centering, useful for anyone pursuing a practice, or just de-stressing. Each session is approximately half an hour in length, followed by an additional 20-30 minutes of discussion after the meditation.

More than any time in the past 100 or so years, this seems to be a period where finding PEACE in uncertain times is becoming an essential ingredient. We hope this series helps you find peace, wherever and whenever you may be watching or participating.

Robert Brook was taught these exercises at the spiritual community of Two Rivers Farm, in Aurora OR, where he lived and practiced for seven years. We are so pleased to be able to share his wisdom with you!

In the future, we may make this series private, or a ‘bonus’ to other courses and classes that we are offering. However, at this time, we feel humanity needs as many tools at one’s fingertips, so we’re keeping it free and accessible to all for now! If you don’t want to miss any future meditations, or any of the other videos and content we put together for you, then please SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel. Blessings!