For those who wish to receive a premier wellness-building service with results that reach far beyond standard restorative therapeutic care, we offer Re-Organization Healing (ROH), our specialty.  ROH lies at the juncture of healthcare and personal development, and seeks to improve the lives of people well beyond restoring or ‘fixing’.  A ROH practice leads and sponsors our clients into a life of greater energy-richness, meaning, purpose, and growth that far exceeds the energy-neutral or ‘status quo’ standards that so many are accustomed to.  This service is a fit for those who want to create sustained levels of high life quality and performance.  We work with clients who choose this service not only more intensively, but with different techniques which may involve personal growth/coaching components, and at our highest level of current wisdom.

Re-Organizational Healing’s greater purpose eventually moves beyond the individual and into the community/world by creating such personal energy-richness that one’s individual surplus spills out into the energetic field that connects us all, thereby creating free & available energy to uplift humanity.

This is a premium service and is non-billable to insurance because it seeks to bring clients far beyond restoring/correcting and symptomatic relief.  However, because this is our true specialty and passion, (and our billing/administrative costs are also reduced), we are able to offer this service at rates which are affordable for most!