Simply put, restorative therapeutics helps to RESTORE the body’s function from states of dysfunction back toward what would be considered ‘normal’.

Function (i.e. bending, lifting, ability to move freely, basic muscle strength, flexibility of the spine and body, unrestricted range of motion, and basic bodily function free from dis-ease or impairment is addressed with restorative therapeutic spinal care.

Graceful Waves Philosophy 101:  Pain is often one (but not the only) indication of function being ‘off.’  If you DO have pain, that is one warning system of the body that something is amiss!  In fact, pain is often one of the LAST things the body does to get your attention, and is also one of the first things to disappear once function and ease BEGIN to be addressed.

The Purpose of Pain is to interrupt the life we are currently living, and get us to do 3 things:

1.  STOP

2.  Pay attention

3.  Do, feel, or make a CHANGE!

On a scale of available ENERGY, pain often happens in the process of moving toward “Energy Poor.”  When we are energy-poor, we often feel like we are barely able to survive.  We may feel like there is no help available, and despair.  Or, we’re emotionally reactive (or over-reactive).  If we’re energy-poor, we aren’t very flexible and want to avoid change (which in an energy-poor state we interpret as stress rather than adventure or variety).  When energy-poor, we often feel like victims of circumstance, or that others or the world are “out to get us.”  We’re often defensive.  We isolate ourselves.  We don’t seek community, even if community may be our best medicine.

When we move from energy-poor to energy-neutral, we often use the mind to create stories, which bind energy.  They may not be fulfilling, but a story stabilizes.  Many people would rather get a cancer diagnosis than live with the uncertainty of NOT KNOWING what is ‘wrong’.  The story itself brings them out of energy-poor.

Restorative Therapeutics Care at Graceful Waves:  In our office, care than we offer can help RESTORE FUNCTION, thereby bringing someone from energy-poor to energy-neutral – sometimes very quickly.

There is a saying that goes, “God comforts the afflicted…and afflicts the comfortable!”  In Restorative Therapeutics, most frequently “comfort” is brought to those who are already afflicted.

To give a symptomatic & tangible example – it’s common in our practice for someone to start care with a history of headaches (i.e. 2-3 or more a week) for YEARS, and within days or weeks of beginning care they are headache-free!  Often, the source of the pain is coming from structural/postural or otherwise physiological causes, and our gentle yet effective Chiropractic care is an exceptional tool for helping to address those things quickly.

And, as you’ll read in “Reorganizational Healing,” there is SO much more available!!!