Graceful Waves features an art gallery regularly showing approximately 20 works of art, depending on size.

The Gallery currently features the works of local visionary artist, Shaukya Dekker.

Shaukya Dekker‘s works of art are particularly meaningful for us, as her paintings have been an important part of setting the original tone and tambor of the center – even while it was truly a vision!  The unfolding of that vision brought a truly special collaboration in which our very first piece of art was commissioned and created/birthed from the center itself (pictured below). This particular piece is viewed and hung exclusively at the center, and is an inter dimensional representation of inclusivity in all aspects and stages of life that we experience – from the depths of suffering, to the peaks of ecstasy and joy!
Few artists seem to embrace, capture and so completely represent such a wide range of felt expression – with luminous, inspired, and compassionate perspectives. Her works of art are not only inspiring and deep, but a catalyst for healing, growth, transformation, and awakening sprinkled with JOY!

Our center is proud to feature some of Shaukya’s works as a permanent installation…and to have made the investment in their brilliance. Hardly a day goes by without witnessing a client gazing into her works, and somehow being transported into a magical realm…

While the center is proud to have purchased more than one of her works, many that are displayed in the center are available for purchase.  Limited edition fine art giclée prints are also available.  Inquire within for details, or to arrange a special viewing time.