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The Fine Print…  and other helpful suggestions!

Current clients – please book your appointments above, selecting “Spinal Entrainment,” and choosing the days/times that best work for your schedule.  Scheduling in advance helps ensure you have the times you most prefer, so feel free to book up to 2 months ahead.  (You can always and very easily re-schedule if the need arises – particularly if you take just a moment and register for an account after you book your first appointment!  It’s EASY and all you’ll need is a simple password, and your e-mail.)

To best support your current health and wellness goals discussed during your last consultation with Dr. Dawn, it is your responsibility to follow the suggested care plan frequency that was discussed as closely as possible.

(Hint:  if your current frequency for care is once/week, but you miss a week for a scheduled vacation, it’s a great idea to make that visit up either before you go, and/or otherwise upon your return to stay on track with your health and wellness goals.)

If you need help or assistance with making appointments (or don’t have an e-mail address you can use to confirm your appointments), please ask the office for assistance and we will help you!