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Graceful Waves offers several services…however the central premise of our care revolves around the principles and practice of Re-Organizational Healing (ROH).

Within the context of ROH, we also offer Restorative Therapeutics, as well as the more specific modalities of Somato Respiratory Integration, and Network Spinal Analysis Care.  For more information on these topics, click below, and also try our “Learning Center.”

We offer individual, couple/family, and small-group sessions revolving around life, body and somatic coaching, workshops, and day-long events.  We also offer Pain Integration Exercises (aka “PIE”) for those suffering with pain who want to change their relationship with it (often transforming the NEED for the pain in the first place, and empowering them with useful tools to help alleviate suffering).

Graceful Waves feels strongly that we all belong to ONE human family, and our business strives to reach as much of our “family” as possible.  Our ‘brick and mortar’ location is designed to be able to offer care and service for the majority of people.  By offering care which is highly specialized and opting out of the insurance reimbursement system (which is becoming increasingly complex and a MAJOR contributor to the rising cost of healthcare), we are able to keep our costs lower and thus our fees within reach of most people!

We recognize that for some, the cost of quality care may still pose a challenge at times.  Our way of extending ourselves to the range of population where cost is currently a barrier, is to offer not only FREE monthly workshops from Graceful Waves, but also our very special program “Project Liberation,” currently offered through the Tillamook Women’s Resource Center.

Finally, we also seek to serve those “high profile” individuals who prefer to receive EXTRAORDINARY care to help them optimize life at a high-level, while having access to complete anonymity during their sessions.  For these clients, we offer limited but exclusive on-site private access for them…and along with that privilege, the opportunity to generously contribute toward humanity’s wholeness through sponsorship of “Project Liberation.”

When we are blessed to have access to free available energy, and we respond by SHARING that with others, we are ALL Liberated.  Our business seeks to catalyze that liberation!


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