Trigger Point Release Class

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“Trigger Point Release” class!

Would you like to have a very simple tool to release a tight muscle in 30 seconds or less, with the help of a partner/friend (or even by yourself!)?  Come be our guest at this fun and informative evening where you will walk away with an easy and effective technique to bring greater ease to the body!  In addition, we’ll give a DEMO of the work that so many are calling “magical!”  (Hint:  The first excited person to volunteer who has never had a session with us stands a good chance of having a free session!)

For those who have had a taste of our work: have you ever wondered how a light contact on the spine can make such a BIG difference in the body?  And have you ever wondered what we are doing, as you lay face-down during your spinal adjustment or “entrainment”?

In this fun and informative class, we combine and answer these questions (and more) while also offering a simple and effective tool for you and guests to have at your disposal at any time, anywhere!

This is offered free of charge!

Some Feedback from this Class:

“I had a headache when I came in, and it actually went away in the middle of this exercise!  I can hardly believe it!”  – as shared by participant during a Trigger Point Release class

“I took your Trigger Point Release Class last time it was offered.  During the class I tried your release technique, but felt no difference. I’m in my late 60’s and at night when I’m sleeping sometimes my hips or shoulders hurt and wake me up. I tried your release technique while I was in lying in bed with my hip hurting and much to my amazement, the pain in my hip was greatly diminished and I fell back asleep. I have used this technique a couple of times when the pain has awoken me and it has worked each time. Many thanks for offering this class and sharing this technique with me.” -Anonymous from Manzanita, OR   (January 2015)