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Graceful Waves offers a number of different classes to help you get the most out of life, as well as the care you are investing in!  By enrolling in the classes, you will gain a much greater understanding for the work we are doing together, as well as practical tools which can be used in between the sessions to optimize your choices and resourcefulness in life.  We cannot overemphasize the importance for engaging with these!

Our current class offerings are as follows:

  • Gentle Trigger Point Release Class with bonus “Demonstration of Care” and Q & A time!
  • Energetic Orientation – (aka – How to instantaneously have 30% more energy!)
  • Seasons of Wellbeing
  • Triad of Change
  • Pain Integration Experience
  • SRI Series – aka the 12 Stages of Extraordinary

The Trigger Point Release Class is included in the cost of your care at Graceful Waves, and is offered as a GIFT to the public at NO CHARGE!

Hint:  The Trigger Point Release Class is a fabulous way to introduce friends & family to the benefits of this work!  They will witness or even possibly experience a session with Dr. Dawn during the class, as well as take a simple tool home to release a tight muscle in 30 seconds or less!  If you have just entered care with us, plan to bring a family member, friend, or work colleague who you can learn and practice this simple technique with in your daily life.  If you are a guest exploring the idea of investing in spinal care, but would like more information and a more personal introduction & demonstration of the work – or would like to learn a simple and free way to release a tight muscle – please be our guest at this class!


  1. Katy White on May 8, 2019 Reply

    Dave and I would like to attend this Trigger Point release class this Thursday if there are still spots available.
    Please call or email to confirm. 541-806-4200

    • Dawn Sea Kahrs, DC on May 11, 2019 Reply

      It was great seeing you at the class, Katy! You and Dave were a delight, and it was a great group of people that evening! -Dr. Dawn

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