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Often, there are options and solutions to building health and wellness

that we are completely unaware of…  


However, there is ALSO a growing hunger (and need) for increased energy levels, developing greater capacity to process information, make sense of the world around us, and to integrate and implement NEW more sustainable worldwide models for vitality and wholeness.

Graceful Waves is committed to those principles, and thus our practice is a “living work in progress” which will continue to evolve over time to meet those objectives.


Currently, Graceful Waves offers several types of services – ranging from those accessible by most through our office itself, to serving high-profile or “private” clients, to providing care as a collaborative local community service provided for women, children, and families in need of a ‘boost’ to catalyze healthier sustainable decisions that positively impact life.  Please go HERE to read about our services!


For more specific information and demonstrations of the specific spinal care we specialize in, go HERE.


For more about exercises we teach our clients both privately and in small group workshops, designed to help people experience the 12 Stages of Extraordinary, go HERE!


For more about our classes – both our FREE community offerings, as well as other workshops we offer, go HERE.


Finally, additional resources about the foundations we are involved in, other platforms/sites with great info. about health, vitality, and wholeness, as well as links and references to Peer Reviewed Journals and Research done on the work we are providing, go HERE!


Thank you for taking the time to be INFORMED!  

We are advocates of Informed Consent, and fully support your desire

to make informed choices with your health, wellness, and life!

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