Visiting Clients

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Normally our office only provides care to those who have had an extensive history/exam with us to discover what is going on, if we can help you, and to recommend a care plan based upon your health/wellness goals.  However, we acknowledge there are those who are just “traveling through or visiting from out of town,” and it doesn’t make sense to spend the time above when there will not be the geographical opportunity for appropriate follow-up.  For you, we are willing to accommodate you on a “drop-in” basis.  There are a few things we explain to visitors to help know what to expect:

  •  We have a “open adjusting” or “group” room where most spinal care visits take place, so expect that there may be up to 3 others also in the room receiving care.  (Most people ultimately enjoy this format – even if at first surprised or even reticent to a ‘shared’ experience.)  If you require a private appointment, then please book a 30-minute “special consult” spot to receive your spinal care, noting the adjustment to the fee.
  • We do not bill personal health insurance, and try to keep our fees low to make care as accessible as possible.  Our fee for an adjustment is as noted in the scheduler for “Spinal Entrainment.”
  • If you have received Network Spinal Care before, you probably have some idea of the nature of what to expect.  Dr. Dawn is highly committed to being among the best practitioners in the world.  She is pleased to offer you care if you’re traveling through!
  • If you have had Chiropractic Care before, but not specifically Network Care, please know that the work you will receive is
    • more gentle than you may be used to (i.e. no forceful twisting or popping)
    • highly advanced neurological work designed to enhance your body’s function, connection, and degree of ease within.  While we cannot guarantee that any pain or discomfort you feel will cease with only one visit (though we’ve seen it happen many times), we CAN commit to giving you the best care session we can for optimizing your spine and nervous system.

If, given the above understanding, you wish to book an appointment – please book a “spinal entrainment” or otherwise “Special Consult – 30 minutes” if you require privacy during your session. Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to complete some brief forms before your appointment.