In a recent Car Accident? Insurance Questions?

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Personal Injury / Car Accidents:

While our office specializes in care that is not typically covered by insurance benefits, as described below, we may on a limited & short-term basis offer restorative therapeutic care to address injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

If you just suffered a car accident and have opened a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim, please complete our PI History Form, and be sure to book a more extensive “Initial Exam following Car Accident.”

We look forward to helping you recover as quickly as possible!

Questions about Health Insurance/Medicare:

As of April 2016, our office no longer bills personal health insurance, nor do we provide services which are covered by medicare.

After much consideration, we realized in 2016 we came to a juncture where we could no longer provide these services, and still offer the quality of care we know our members desire and deserve.

We try to keep our fees for outstanding quality wellness care within reach for most people (charging less than many of our colleagues with similar specialized skills).  Our fee for an adjustment is as noted in the scheduler for “Spinal Entrainment.”  We also offer a special “Senior Citizen” discount (65+).  Your investment in wellness-care is considered a tax-deductible health-expense, however.  If a receipt for care is needed, we can provide that by request.