At this time of year, and especially considering all the ‘fires’ and turmoil our country and world seem to be facing…we thought we’d do something to help contribute.

 SO…..our focus this month is WATER.

Our bodies are made of more than 90% of it.  We cannot survive (let alone THRIVE) without it.  

So we thought we’d give a couple of GIFTS to help sustain its health!



  • Our 1st Gift:  to support the water (and internal cohesiveness and optimal energy levels) within YOU – RECEIVE $50 off your initial exam!
  • Our 2nd Gift:  $50 donation is pledged with your discounted exam fee toward CLEAN WATER!  

You have two choices for your contribution to go toward:  

  • The Standing Rock Water Protectors protest efforts taking place in the Dakotas, against the desecration of sacred Native American burial and ceremonial grounds, as well as the protection of the water sources for millions of people that the presence of the Dakota Pipeline endangers.   #NoDAPL  #WaterProtectors  #WaterIsLife
  • Spring Health” which brings safe water using sustainable creation of both water systems and jobs to villages in India (co-founded by Paul Polak, who Dr. Dawn has personally met and knows the integrity of) About Spring Health

We are willing to offer the gift of our skill and time at this discount because we feel confident in our history and ability to add value, internal integrity, and higher/better energy levels to peoples’ lives. If you or someone you know would benefit from greater ease, increased energy levels, increased CLARITY or COHESIVENESS, or an enhanced capacity to transform STRESS into PERSONAL GROWTH & STRENGTH, there could not be a better time to book that appointment than THIS MONTH!  

Graceful Waves, and Dr. Dawn believes in the importance of contribution to the wellbeing of our larger human community. Water is Life: thank you for helping us contribute toward the health and sustainability of this sacred resource, for our future generations to come…  

Book your appointment HERE, and be sure to choose a time THIS MONTH for this special offer!

If you must re-schedule your exam, we ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice. This is a limited offer and the appointment needs to be made and kept during the month of December 2016, unless special arrangements are made in advance. Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs, DC