Dear Friends,

We are ALL in interesting times right now.  Regardless of who we voted for & why (or if we didn’t), we’re all in a critical – and potentially volatile – point in history…

Emotions have become escalated. In the past week, there has been a rash spike in hate crimes, threats, and harassment against marginalized and vulnerable people – women, LGBT, more recent immigrants, those of Mexican, African or Arabic Heritage, those who don the hijab, niqab, or burka, and the list goes on.  I just read tonight that Southern Poverty Law Center alone has logged over 300 incidents since the election as of 11/13/16.

Many have been moved by inspiration to take a stronger or more visible stand for those feeling threatened, fearful for their personal safety, their rights, and their freedom.   People of all ages are standing and marching in protest of perceived threat to human and environmental rights.  (And it’s not just election-driven, but many important values like water & sacred Native American burial land rights – i.e. Standing Rock & the Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition, for example.)  And of course, as such, some ‘peaceful’ protests – politically and environmentally/culturally-driven – have erupted in violence, with damage to property and/or use of force to control protests/riots.

I have seen and witnessed friendships, community, and family damage over this political, social, and emotional upheaval.  We appear to be living in a divided nation, with polarity running rampant!

We EACH have a part to play.  We can pour gasoline on the fire, help to create a ‘controlled’ and necessary burn, or work in right timing toward extinguishing the flames.  Part of what will eventually help to put those flames out, are having the courage to become AWARE of what the problems were that led us here, to ACKNOWLEDGE the pain, loss, confusion & hurt, and to ACCEPT that simply, right NOW – this is what we have and where we are.  “AAA – Aware, Acknowledge, Accept”  And FROM THERE, we can springboard and work toward something better.  However, right now in our country, this critical first step is what is needed.  Attempting to bypass discomfort, move on too quickly, or sweep anything under the rug because we are squirming, is just going to land us back here again and again.

Help, or hinder…  What will we choose?

Let's get Raw and Real! SRI Discover!For those who want to HELP:  I’m offering a special class to help us have the courage to get gritty, raw and real – and to mine the gifts of Suffering, Polarity, and feeling “Stuck” in a Perspective.  (It’s called Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), and is part of the 12 Stages of Extraordinary Living (or Healing) by Donny Epstein, DC.)  Tomorrow night, we’ll be doing the first 3 Stages as a small group, and learning how to use them at home as well to aid in greater connection, discovery, and to help us move through the icky places in life.

Ever felt paralyzed, and that it seemed like this whole “mess” is never going to end?  Ever felt that “one group (or candidate)” is “atrocious” while another is “at the answer to a prayer”?  Or how about, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I/we did that – AGAIN!!!  I FEEL SO STUCK!!!”

Speaking to some of the post-election FEAR, POLARITY is one of the most “dangerous” states possible when unresolved.  It is the stuff that ends relationships, starts wars in the name of religion or fear/hatred, and high-motions are its fuel for reaction.  This 1.5 hour workshop will help to dissipate and resolve the underlying dangers of polarity, so we can begin to move into a more transformative (and productive) state to make a more positive impact in the world.  (Don’t we ALL need that right now?!  A little more energy, coherence and love?)

Join us tomorrow night – we currently have 8 more spots available at this special workshop which is so timely for what we are going through.  Come be a ‘first responder’ and have the courage to roll up our sleeves together, dig deep, and come out the other side hopefully a little brighter!

Reserve your spot by booking your “SRI-Discover” Class here!

Cost is $30 – payable by Square through the website, or cash/check in person.

24 hour cancellation policy due to limited spacing.  We look forward to serving you tomorrow!

-Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs, DC