After more than 12 years in practice…

and more than 5 years back ‘home’ 

serving from the OREGON COAST…

we’ve finally launched our WEBSITE

for Graceful Waves Chiropractic!!!


We hope you will enjoy this resource, which is designed to be helpful not only for NEW clients who may not have heard of the ‘magic’ of optimizing their spine, energy, and life through Re-Organizational Healing care (aka Network Spinal Care), but ALSO as a continuing reference for current clients to enhance the benefits they receive!

This wee ‘project’ has been a labor of love…

We hope you will discover more about our services, our philosophy, our goals and standards.  We hope you’ll read about “Project Liberation” – our collaboration with the Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center, to offer this outstanding care at no charge to locals who have suffered the effects of domestic violence, and could use a helping hand and ‘lift’ to soar to new heights of freedom.  Maybe you’ll be moved to become a sponsor of the expansion of this terrific program?  Or spread the word to someone who could use the support?

In fact, when you know the real message of what we offer, you’ll probably think, “WHO COULDN’T use a more optimal spine, nervous system, energy-level, and life?!”  We certainly do!!!  🙂

Thanks for spreading the word!  Please SHARE this post and the link to our website with your social media, e-mail, and all those who you would like to inspire to enjoy and even greater quality of life.  We can’t wait to serve MORE PEOPLE…  And we know there are SO MANY who just simply don’t know about this!

Thanks for your help in getting the word OUT!!!!!  And for allowing us the pleasure of serving you, your families, loved ones, and community.

In JOY!  -Dr. Dawn @ Graceful Waves Chiropractic