We believe that as long as some of us are bound, none of us are truly free.  Our mission extends far beyond those we serve directly at Graceful Waves Chiropractic.  We wish to contribute to the liberation of humanity, and the movement from “ownership by force” toward a more synergistic “sharing of resources.”  In order to have greater influence on liberating the range of human experience, we believe it’s important to reach both ends of the spectrum.  One representation of an ‘end’ of the spectrum are those whose current resources – including financial – have been compromised, and the grace of a true “gift” may help unbind or liberate the energy needed to springboard into a more resilient future.


For this reason, Graceful Waves Chiropractic has begun a monthly “Liberation” program of gifting a certain segment of the population with our most premium care, time, and resources.  We are currently working in partnership with the Women’s Resource Center as our ‘gatekeeper’ and coordinator for care of women and families who have taken a step to move beyond the shackles of abuse, and toward a life of greater freedom, empowerment, trust, and harmony.  We aim to support their liberation by providing greater embodied cohesiveness & inner connection.  As they grow in freedom and joy, they liberate others.

If you would like to become a Sponsor or Benefactor toward the expansion of this program, please contact us!